Medical Laboratory Goggle w/ Elastic Strap


🔒 These clear chemistry goggles for men and women are designed to protect you from contaminants, particles, debris, dust, liquids and sprays. Perfect for medical and lab use. Excellent to block out pollen and also for harsh working conditions. Also great for cutting onions.

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🔒 IMPACT RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES – These medical goggles have polycarbonate lenses, an impact resistant, virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant material. Have you tried to break a CD (compact disc) before? It can’t be done! CDs are made of polycarbonate.

🔒 Anti Fog Safety Goggles – Protective goggles are properly ventilated to prevent fogging. Vented sides allows just enough air flow and acts as anti fog.

🔒 Soft Conforming Silicone & Adjustable Elastic Strap – Silicone conforms around your head to seal out foreign particles. Comfortable elastic strap is adjustable to fit all head sizes.

🔒 Safety Glasses Fit Over Glasses – These science goggles fit over your eye glasses. Cover overs for protection your ordinary glasses don’t provide.

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Who would have thought laboratory safety goggles have so many uses? And since these goggles fit over glasses, they can be worn by everyone who needs proper eye protection. These goggles are perfect for:

⚗️ Chemistry Goggles for Lab Safety: Safety goggles for science lab requires protection around the entire eye. Soft flexible silicon sides will conform to your head

🌿 Yard Work Goggles: Wear these goggles while mowing the lawn or gardening. Protects your eyes from flying debris.

🌼 Goggles for Allergies: These goggles will help prevent pollen and allergies. Provides a nice protective barrier around your eyes.

👓 Cover Fit Over Goggles: Your daily eyeglasses don’t provide full protection from splashes, liquids, spray or debris from the top, bottom or sides. These are safety goggles over glasses and provide the protection you need in harsh working conditions.

👨‍⚕️ Medical Safety Glasses are important to help prevent spread of airborne particles.

👷‍♀️ Construction Safety Goggles: These goggles can be used in harsh working conditions. Jobs like woodworking need safety goggles to shield eyes from flying debris. Never risk eye safety!

👨‍🍳Cooking Goggles When Cutting Onions: When you cut onion, the vapor from the onion can permeate everywhere. So you need these splash safety goggles that provide a permanent seal around your eyes. And the lenses are clear, because you probably don’t need tinted lenses when cooking.

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