VShield Flip Up Face Shield w/ .25 mm PET Transparent Visor


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Finally,  a face shield you can flip up so you can eat, drink and wear glasses at the same time!

  • 👁100% TRANSPARENT .25 MM PET MATERIAL: Shield is constructed of sturdy .25mm thick PET plastic . People will also see you clearly. Remember to REMOVE clear plastic film from shield before wear!
  • 32 cm wide x 22 cm tall SHIELD SIZE.  Larger size shield provides coverage from ear to ear and forehead to mid neck.   Other competitor face  shields are only 26 – 28 cm wide and 16 – 18 cm tall.
  • 🌧100% ANTI FOG ON BOTH SIDES: Don’t worry about fogging, even if you are doing heavy exercise. You can wear over your eyeglasses too. And your eyeglasses won’t fog up.
  • 😇FULLY ADJUSTABLE SHIELD: Shield fits comfortably like a baseball cap. Easily adjust the width with elastic drawstring to fit all head sizes.
  • 💫180 DEGREE PROTECTION w/ FLIP UP FEATURE: Shield wraps 180 degrees around your head. Provides protection for your mouth, nose & eyes. Need to eat or drink? Simply flip the shield up without taking the shield off.
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Please CONTACT US or call (877) 245-3721 for larger quantities. One of our representatives will get in touch with you right away!

Face Shield flips up so you can eat, drink or blow your nose.  Face shields also prevent the wearer from touching their eyes, nose or mouth.  It feels like wearing nothing at all on your face.  This shield has many advantages over current face shields on the market.  Please remember to REMOVE clear plastic film on shield before wearing!

According to a study done in 2014 found in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, called the “Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From a Cough Simulator,” a simulation showed that wearing a plastic face shield reduced the inhalation of droplets from a cough by 96%, significantly protecting the wearer.

Read more about the Flip Up VShield HERE.  The Flip UP Vshield not only protects you as the wearer from splash and spray.  It also helps protect people around you.   This Shield is perfect for:

SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES:  The Flip Up Vshield is perfect for teachers.  The Flip Up VShield prevents the needs for desk shields.  Students can see the teacher’s face during instruction.  The VShield provides the teacher with 180 degree protection in case she is speaking to more than one student at a time.

THEATERS:   Protect yourself with 180 degree protection while you are at the movies.   100% clear transparent PET shield lets you watch the movie without any obstruction.   Other types of face protection can be uncomfortable to wear for 2 hours.   Flip up the shield to sip on your icy cold soda or eat a handful of popcorn.  Plus you can use the Shield Lens Cleaner to clean the shields in case you get any popcorn butter on the shield!

AIRPLANES & FLIGHTS:  Diseases are easier spread in enclosed spaces and if you are near the same person for long periods of time.   This flip up face shield protects your entire face, including your eyes.  We do recommend wearing both mouth protection  and a face shield on airplanes.

GYM OR WORKOUT:  The Flip Up V Shield is perfect for working out.  This face shield will not fog up even during your cardio vascular work out.  Wearing cloth protection while you workout constricts the amount of air you breathe.   Cloth face protection gets  sweaty and difficult to clean.  This VShield Face Shield is easy to clean with included spray cleaner or soap and water.

RESTAURANT AND RETAIL:  The VShield Flip Up Face Shield is an excellent solution for jobs that require face to face interaction with customers.   Waiters, waitresses, cashiers, and service oriented professions will greatly benefit from face shields

vshieldprotect.com face shields for teachers and students              vshieldprotect.com face shields for teachers and students


Watch Video Below for Assembly Instructions & Demonstration:

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